Pet Blow Molding Machines Complete Guide

Posted by Admin on December, 24, 2012

Pet Blow Molding is a process that used for producing hollow plastic components like Bottles and Jars. Pet Blow Molding machines are those machines that perform this manufacturing process. With plastic products being utilized in almost all spheres of the economy, Pet Blow Molding machines have become an integral part of the manufacturing sector.

PET Blow Molding: The Process

In the PET Blow Molding process, the preform (which is basically a plastic tube) is pre heated and air high pressure is used to give the preform the shape of the plastic mold. There are a variety of plastic mold shapes available in the market & one can choose the desired shape as per specific requirements.

Types Of Blow Molding Processes

  • Pet Blow Molding - Pet Blow Molding is basically the process in which the hot preform (which is also hollow) is put inside a mould (of the desired shape) & high pressure air is blown into the preform which takes on the shape of the mold. When the plastic cools down enough, the mold releases the molded part. The Pet Blow Molding process can be used to form plastics into complex shapes.
  • Injection Molding - In the Injection Molding process, the melted plastic pet resin is injected into the mold, where it inserted into the mold to give it the shape of the mold ( mold can be chosen according to any desired shape). The output will help to make preform which used as raw material of Pet Blowing Machine.This process is not as favored as the PET Blow Molding process as the production rate required is in very bulk and project cost is very high in the Injection Molding process.

Besides the above mentioned process types, there are yet other types of Pet Blow Molding processes like Blow Forming, Thermoforming,PP Blowing, etc. Each of these processes have their own plus points & which process to use depends on a lot of factors. Thermoforming processes are basically used for the production of disposable plastic containers.

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