PET PLAST INDIA INC. Blog Latest Products Wed, 24 Apr 2024 22:24:21 +0530 en-us Selecting The Right Pet Blow Molding Machine For Your Plastic Bottle Mon, 24 Dec 2012 11:09:39 +0530 Out of the many kinds of machines that are available, Pet Blow Molding Machines are one that is extensively used for different industrial purposes. Pet Blow Molding Machines can be used to produce plastic components of different geometrical shapes and sizes. They are used for mass production of plastic components in a short period of time. By investing in a good quality Pet Blow Molding Machine, one can increase the productivity, save precious time, save in logistics due to light weight, lower labor costs, & also reduce scrap losses.   Tips On How To Choose The Right Blow Molding Machine For Making Plastic Bottles There are many different options available, even when one is buying Blow Molding Machines. Depending upon the specific requirements, one can choose from among the different alternatives. Fully Auto PET Blow Molding Machine - Those looking for a fast delivery system & high production rate can opt for Fully Auto PET Blow Molding Machines. These Fully Auto PET Blow Molding Machines offer high speed operation uoto 6000BPH & high precision work.   Semi Auto PET Blow Molding Machine - These machines offer optimum performance, faster operations due to fully pneumatic toggle system based & advanced features like UPS Backup, digital temperature control. Partial Auto Pet Blow Molding Machine - These are yet another kind of Pet Blow Molding Machines that are compact and are easy to maintain.  One advantage of using these machines is that the mold can be changed within 30 minutes. These Blow Molding Machines allow for optimum pre-form stretching, providing complex shapes in the plastic bottles. The design of the Partial Auto Pet Blow Molding Machine is such that it allows for even material distribution. Our comlete range offers fully pneumatic operation which ensure highest productivity in the industry also UPS Backup and Digital Temperature Controll System ensures lowest rejections.   Other Considerations In Choosing The Right Blow Molding Machine To choose the suitable Pet Blow Molding Machine, one should first determine which kind of Pet Blow Molding Machine offers the best savings, in terms of time as well as money. E.g. In case, fast production is the priority one could choose automatic Blow Molding Machines. In case space is a constraint, one could opt for 4Cavity Pet Blow Molding Machines which are compact. It would be a wise choice to select a Pet Blow Molding Machine that minimizes Pet Preform rejection losses & saves on labor costs. In case, hi-tech Pet Blow Molding Machines are being considered, ensure that there is trained staff to operate the machines efficiently.   PET PLAST INDIA INC. set up in 2009 is among the leading Pet Moulds Manufacturers, <b><a href="">Pet Blow moulding Machine</a></b>, Pet Bottle Machine ancillaries like compressors, water chiller, refrigerated dryers, <a href="">Automatic Blow Molding Machine</a> In Haryana, India. The company manufactures and supplies excellent quality most advances feature rich PET Blow Molding Machines. To know more about the company, log on to Pet Blow Molding Machines Complete Guide Mon, 24 Dec 2012 11:12:22 +0530 Pet Blow Molding is a process that used for producing hollow plastic components like Bottles and Jars. Pet Blow Molding machines are those machines that perform this manufacturing process. With plastic products being utilized in almost all spheres of the economy, Pet Blow Molding machines have become an integral part of the manufacturing sector.   PET Blow Molding: The Process In the PET Blow Molding process, the preform (which is basically a plastic tube) is pre heated and air high pressure is used to give the preform the shape of the plastic mold. There are a variety of plastic mold shapes available in the market & one can choose the desired shape as per specific requirements.   Types Of Blow Molding Processes   Pet Blow Molding - Pet Blow Molding is basically the process in which the hot preform (which is also hollow) is put inside a mould (of the desired shape) & high pressure air is blown into the preform which takes on the shape of the mold. When the plastic cools down enough, the mold releases the molded part. The Pet Blow Molding process can be used to form plastics into complex shapes. Injection Molding - In the Injection Molding process, the melted plastic pet resin is injected into the mold, where it inserted into the mold to give it the shape of the mold ( mold can be chosen according to any desired shape). The output will help to make preform which used as raw material of Pet Blowing Machine.This process is not as favored as the PET Blow Molding process as the production rate required is in very bulk and project cost is very high in the Injection Molding process.   Besides the above mentioned process types, there are yet other types of Pet Blow Molding processes like Blow Forming, Thermoforming,PP Blowing, etc. Each of these processes have their own plus points & which process to use depends on a lot of factors. Thermoforming processes are basically used for the production of disposable plastic containers. Pet Plast India Inc, an ISO 9001:2008 company, specializes in the manufacture and supply of premium quality Pet Blow Molding Machines, Air Compressors, Refrigerated Air Dryers, Water Chiller and Pet Molds. The company also undertakes projects (PET Bottle Designing Services and Pet Bottle Making Plant) on turnkey basis. We also cater to the specific requirements of the client & offer our machinery in customized form. Based in Haryana, Pet Plast India Inc has managed to extend its client base not only across India, but also to locations outside India. The products manufactured by us like <b><a href="">Pet Bottle Making Machine</a></b>, Pet Blow Moulding Machine, Automatic Blow Molding Machine and <a href="">Pet Bottle Designing</a>. undergo rigorous quality check measures & conform to international standards. To know more about us, log on to PET Blow Molding Machine Capable Of Relatively High Production Rates Fri, 01 Feb 2013 15:06:32 +0530 Blow Molding is a process used to form thermoplastic materials and PET Blow Molding Machines are widely used for making bottles. Advanced technology in plastics industry has given rise to a number of Blow Molding Machines. The working principle of Blow Molding Machines comes from the 20th century idea of glassblowing. Blow Molding Machine is capable of relatively high production rates if a proper choice is made with proper consideration of the requirement.   The Blow Molding Process: A Brief Introduction Blow Molding can be categorized into three types: Injection Blow Molding: The process involves fluxing of the material in a conventional Injection-Molding Machine. The material is then injected into a mold having a controlled temperature and containing a blow stick. This stick carrying the semi-molten material is transferred to a larger mold and the material is blown by air. In this process, the material takes the shape of the mold and is ejected from the Mold after cooling.  Extrusion Blow Molding: The process involves production of plastic material as a tube structure which is known as parison. A cold mold gives the parison instant firmness and this is followed by finishing procedures.   The process of Blow Molding begins by forming a preform or parison out of the molten plastic. Parison can be described as a plastic tube piece with a hole in one end to enable the compressed air to pass through. Rest of the process is followed by fastening the parison into a mold. After this, pressurized air is pumped into it and the plastic material is pushed out to take the shape of attached mold. The part is ejected afterwards by automatic opening of the mold, once the plastic has got cooled and hardened.   Considering above mentioned facts, PET Blow Molding Machines are capable of relatively high production rates. A lot of companies manufacture and supply Automatic Blow Molding Machine, but a proper search is a must for selecting the right source. Pet Plast India Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, involved in manufacturing supplying and exporting a wide range of PET Blowing Machines along with its accessories. Besides, the company also offers Air Compressors, Refrigerated Air Dryer, Water Chiller and PET Moulds. For more details regarding the products, offered by the company, one can log on to An Introduction to PET Blow Molding Machine Wed, 15 Oct 2014 18:41:06 +0530 A PET Blow Molding Machine is used for the fabrication of PET containers such as beverage bottle, mineral water bottle, medicine bottle, cosmetic containers, edible oil bottle, pesticide bottle, milk and juice bottle, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the like. These fully and semi automatic machines come equipped with preferential heating facility. A PET blow-molding machine is capable of producing a variety of bottles and containers of up to 6000ml capacity. The operational efficiency of this machine typically ranges from 1500bph – 4500 bph. These machines have numerous features, which is worthwhile to be noted. Features of PET Blow Molding MachineA <a href="">PET Blow Molding Machine</a> comes equipped with an air-recovery system, which automatically injects build-up heat in the machine. A user-friendly control panel with an advanced PLC control system allows an easy operation of the machine. Most machines today are fabricated using premium pneumatic from FESTO, ARC and AIRTAC. The precision engineering that goes into the making is provided by schneider electronics. With an independent and linear running system, the equipment has a long service and performance life. Types of PET Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers are introducing a variety of innovative PET bottles and containers, with the help of unique PET molding machines. In response to diversifying tastes and preferences of customers, production processes for bottles are undergoing novel changes. To incorporate the transformation there are various types of PET Blow Molding Machines, which are enumerated below:   Fully Auto PET Blow Moulding Machine Semi Auto Pet Blow Moulding Machine Auto Drop Racer Plus Pet Blow Moulding Machine Sumo Pet Blow Moulding Machine Racer Pet Blow Moulding Machine In conclusion, a variety of PET Blow Molding Machines are being custom-made, to cater to various industries. Premium grade steel, aluminium and the like are used for the manufacture of these machines. Additional features such as heat conveyor and blowing units have been introduced by companies, which allows for qualitative production, while minimizing time and resources. About Fully Auto PET Blow Moulding Machine Fri, 12 Dec 2014 15:12:03 +0530 When it comes to producing high quality bottles, <b><a href="">Fully auto PET blow molding machines</a></b> are required. Finding the right machine has remained a challenge, due to fake manufacturers in the market. You need to have clear information about the PET machine you are willing to buy. This is to give you the best results. A good machine is expected to make all kinds of bottles with a maximum size of up to six thousand millimeters. The quality of the bottles depend solely on the type of a machine used besides the material used in making the bottle.Features of a good machine. It should be quick in delivery. The manufacturer should ensure that the time in delivery is fast to avoid disrupting the customers’ business.  This will save time and will be able to produce numerous bottles within a short period of time. A machine that is quick is normally expressing quality in working. It is therefore good that you make the right choice. Speed goes hand in hand with power consumption. Only machines that work faster will save energy and work in lesser time and produce a lot of bottles at a go. Accuracy is another feature that the machine should posses. An accurate machine will ensure that you get the right sizes as indicated by customers. Failure to be accurate can lead to defects in the bottles being produced and this might bring problems in the products being stored using the bottles. It should even be touch screen to ensure that you easily control it when you want. This will also create convenience and avoid disruption during working of the machine. Choose contractors that are known to be experts in making the machines. Through this you will have a guarantee that your goals are going to be met. Bottles made by this machine can be used for many purposes. They can be used for making bottles to preserve carbonated drinks. They can also be used to store liquor and other cosmetic oil.  You can also use the bottles to store water during travel. For excellent results, you should choose the manufacturer you want to buy from. This will make you have a clear idea of how the machine is going to work. Get advice on what to buy and you will be rescued from the fake manufacturers who want to make money without considering your satisfaction. Ongoing battle for a Mineral water bottle plant Fri, 12 Dec 2014 15:15:44 +0530 There are undercurrents of subtle war between the Indian and international purity standards of distilling water. While the larger utility is for drinking purposes, mineral water is also used in other industries. How does a local plant maintain standards to provide good drinking water to consumers and also manage to meet industrial standards? Handling projects on a turnkey basisSome manufacturers prefer to use turnkey solutions to meet various industry requirements. As they have the infrastructure capability to process an average <b><a href="">mineral water bottle plant</a></b> company will often provide customized solutions. For example, the packaged drinking water sector needs pet bottles on a regular basis. A plant that is engaged in this activity can fulfill this requirement. The need for machines for PET blow moulding, semi auto PET blow moulding, auto drop racer, sumo PET blow machine and racer PET blow moulding are common. Apart from the packaged drinking industry, the household chemicals sector, edible oil industry, liquor and hair care units also need these machinery. A team of professionals decides to assess the requiring and utilization of the equipment for making the products. It helps in building the right machinery for the customer. Every turnkey project involves industry knowledge that will help in evaluating the actual processing systems. The designing of the pets and jars is equally important in the process. Hence individual projects are taken up on a turnkey basis. Today, the world is looking up to Indian companies to set up their bottling plants. A few Indian manufacturers have been able to spread their wings across continents adhering to international standards. A company that has ISO: 9001:2008 certifications are enabled to integrate its human resources, knowledge and expertise for doing proper business on the world platform.Features of a good plantA mineral bottling plant will be able to make the water pure. It will have the ability to remove the salt, dirt and other impurities. The use to the advanced technology, affordable costs, regular customers, provision of high feeding pressure and machines made of stainless steel or carbon steel is very crucial to get business. Of course, it is an on going battle to ensure that new benchmarks are made, and the company is updated with the new developments in the industries they are catering to. Keeping one eye on global competition also helps in being efficient. These are the standard means to keep afloat in business.